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Wealth Management

Client Centered

Your portfolio is just one piece of the puzzle. AFG takes the time to understand your life and financial goals and craft a plan that addresses the complete picture: life events, inheritance, business assets, taxes, retirement, insurance, and estate plan.

Put your money to work. AFG helps you understand your current situation and visualize short and long-term goals for each phase of your life. Making incremental adjustments to your portfolio, retirement plan and estate plan can have a positive impact over time, especially as your situation changes with a life event such as marriage or inheritance.

We recognize your individuality and we honor it. Our clients lean into our experience and wisdom to address estate planning, tax strategies, life’s big rituals and unexpected opportunities; all in language you can understand.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is a multi-platform discipline that balances the joy and success of financial growth with the awareness of responsibility for this and future generations. A comprehensive management plan includes tax strategies, as well as legacy, philanthropic and personal goals.

Risk Management

Even glass-half-full optimists occasionally put on their risk assessment hat. You’ve worked hard, made life plans and are moving toward accomplishing financial goals. Protect these assets with leading edge and traditional risk management strategies.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a team activity. Synthesizing your goals, upcoming personal life events and future aspirations for you and your family. It’s a long game requiring flexibility, balance and strength.

Investment Allocation

Will your growth plan develop into your income plan? Astor Financial Group designs 401k and retirement plans for companies and individuals.